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Visa formalities are not only draining but also quite confusing in terms of understanding the rules, regulations, eligibility criteria, and immigration laws. It’s quintessential to apply for an F-1 student visa if you are planning to study in the United States and have already secured admission in the university of your choice. Student visa permits you to be admissible in the United States based upon the evaluation. You are eligible to stay on, as long as these pre-requisites hold. Upon violation of laws of the country and immigration rules, you shall be liable to be deported with a discontinued education. With such critical matters involved, one must not take a chance. Hire an experienced attorney from Law Offices of D Robert Jones PLLC in Dallas, Texas who has requisite experience and knowledge required to guide you through the process smoothly. As a student wanting to study in the US, apart from collecting all the critical documentation to apply for a F1 visa, here are a few things that you must keep in mind:

  • You must have a residence arranged for the duration of your course that you do not plan to abandon.
  • You must have no intention of settling permanently in the United States, and you intend to return to your home country, post your education.
  • You must indicate and possess sufficient funds to sustain in the United States during the visa application and beyond.

Despite successfully obtaining a visa, there are chances that you end up violating the laws while studying in the United States unknowingly. Our experienced attorney will go a long way to pull you out of such puddles and rough patches. Following are violations you can look out for:

  • Absence from school
  • Disrupted maintenance of a full-time schedule
  • Attendance at a school different than the one stated on the I-20 form
  • No or delayed communication of a change in address
  • I-20 form expiry

Reasons why F1 student Visa is so popular

Students all over the world consider United States as one of the top choices when it comes to higher education. High education standards of US universities play a big role in drawing international students. In addition to this, certain F1 students are also eligible to apply for an OPT (Work Visa). Also F1 students are allowed to find a job with an employer who is ready and eligible to sponsor them for different visa categories including apply for H1 visa being the most popular one.

Change of status to F1

There might be cases where you already have a US Visa but your current Visa doesn’t bring you the advantages that a student visa brings. In this case, you need expert help to file change of status to F1. The Student Visa attorney in our office can help you file change of status application without any hassles.

We can also help you apply for the F1 reinstatement, but certain strict guidelines need to be met:

  • You should apply within five months of being out of status for the reinstatement
  • There should be no record of repeated violation of the regulations of immigration
  • The student shouldn’t be employed unlawfully
  • Pursue the course or intend to do so from schools listed on the I-20
  • There are no other grounds for deportation
  • Establish to the USCIS that the violation happened due to circumstances that weren’t in the control of the student or the load of the student was reduced and would have been approved by the agent because of extreme hardship.

To get a F1 reinstatement is not easy. You need an experienced immigration attorney to help you throughout the process to have the best shot at reinstating the student visa. We also assist with M1 and M2 visas.

Our Advisor

DRJ Legal Services, Dallas can assist the applicant in filing the petition correctly and avoid mistakes which could otherwise delay the processing of the request. We rank among the top immigration lawyers firm in Dallas which offer par excellence services. We help you throughout the process from the filing of petition to handling the situations and complications.

If you are planning to apply for Student visa but have doubts, we can help. Call today to schedule your first free, no obligation appointment.


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