We Bring Integrity to Everything We Do

Each case is handled with highest degree of responsibility and responsiveness. Our lawyers work with the sole aim to act with integrity and provide exceptional customer service so that you can easily trust us with the legal needs.

At DRJ Legal we bring integrity to everything we do. Our team of tenacious legal representatives strongly believes in treating our clients with utmost respect. We are fierce advocates for our clients and tough negotiators on their behalf.

Most Determined and Comprehensive Law Firm

We are one of the most determined and comprehensive law firms in Texas. Our client base is diverse as we offer litigation services of all kinds to families, individuals, and businesses. At DRJ legal we take an personalized approach to each client, ensuring sophisticated legal representation to individuals and businesses.

Our aim is to patiently listen to our clients and ask probing questions to understand the stakeholder’s motivation in business or litigation relationship to design successful strategies and legal structures to maximize the chances of the clients’ success.

Provide High Quality Legal Advice

Our mission is to provide high quality legal advice and responsiveness by using our vast experience and knowledge that is available through the variety and scope of our service offerings. Our dynamic legal team is tailored to cater to the individual needs and ensure that we are ready to tackle the unique challenges faced by our clients.

Why DRJ is the best?

  • Our lead attorney Rob Jones is an experienced lawyer and has been helping families get justice and reunite them for several years. He has a sharp mind and a kind heart and leads the clients through their legal journey in the most efficient manner.
  • Law offices of D Robert Jones follow a client centric approach. It is our policy to update clients about their case stage. We use a highly upgraded online portal to help client keep a track of their case and interact with us. Our case managers assure easy reachability and personal attention to each one of our clients.
  • We are proud to boast our 100% approval rate in immigration cases including E2 investor treaty visa, F1 visas and Asylum. Our client testimonials are a proof of our hard work and their appreciation.
  • What makes DRJ unique is our blended culture. Our staff includes people from all over the world including the United States, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Mexico, Turkey and Iraq. Together we speak more than 10 languages in our office including English, Spanish, Latin, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Bengali, Turkish, Kurdish and Arabic. So we can assure you that whatever part of the world you come from, we would understand you and your language and give our very best to help you.
  • Law offices of D Robert Jones believe that legal assistance should not be unaffordable to the person who needs it. We make sure our attorney fees are competitive and our client is comfortable. We also offer easy payment plans for clients who are unable to pay upfront. Call us today to schedule your first free no obligation appointment.


Family Law

Dealing with legal wars within the family is tremendously overwhelming. If your family is in crisis and needs legal help, our team of experts provides compassionate and robust representation in all the areas of family law.

Investor Treaty E2 Visa

We understand that your investment is significant for you, and thus, our team of expert attorneys will handle your case in an extremely professional manner.

Business Licensing and Incorporation

Our team of lawyers has experiences of advising businesses of all sizes throughout Texas. Whenever we accept a client, we ensure the well being of their company.

Citizenship for Seniors with medical disability

We also help seniors to claim medical disability and get a waiver for English and Civics test. Before proceeding with the Application for Naturalization or Form N-400, get in touch with us, for assistance.

Student Visa

F1 students are allowed to find a job with an employer who is ready and eligible to sponsor them for different visa categories including apply for H1 visa being the most popular one.


Asylum is a kind of legal protection provided to the people who have left their own country in search of safety.

Adjustment of status

Adjustment of status is one of the first steps towards accomplishing a permanent U.S resident tag.

Employment-Based Immigration

Employment based permanent residency petitions are based on the kind of work you are doing and the skills that you use to fulfill your job responsibilities.

Naturalization & Citizenship

Naturalization is the legal process through which an immigrant can become a United States Citizen.


Are you caught up in a whirlpool of lawsuits, credit card debt and tax problems?

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

At DRJ Legal we bring integrity to everything we do. Our team of Tenacious legal representatives strongly believe in treating our clients with utmost respect.

We are fierce advocates for our clients and tough negotiators on their behalf.