Business and Corporate Law Services

Small and family-owned businesses and corporations need to stay inside legal boundaries to run their businesses hassle-free. Otherwise, many complications and latent penalizations might follow. When you come to Law Offices of D Robert Jones PLLC in Dallas, Texas, our team will offer you the legal assistance and representation that is needed. We have years of legal experience that equips us to handle a wide variety of business law and commercial litigation matters. Our team can think through a very complicated business transaction at the highest level of competency.

Our team of lawyers has experiences of advising businesses of all sizes throughout Texas. Whenever we accept a client, we ensure the wellbeing of their company.

Our law firm empowers businesses and corporates to solve the complex challenges that they have to face at the juncture of business and law. We offer holistic solutions that are in sync with the goals, culture, and value of your business. Our team will help you determine the best approach for you as you navigate the legal landscape.

Our Business and corporate law team offer the following services:

  • Business agreements: The companies function and thrive on official agreements and contracts. Our team at Law Offices of D Robert Jones PLLC in Dallas helps you with the drafting of the agreement, the review, and final negotiations.
  • Business litigation: If a business dispute can’t be resolved through negotiation, litigation is unavoidable. We offer businesses the tried and tested representation.
  • Business entity formation: With our professional guidance, it is easier to start a new company, LLC, partnership, and so forth is simple with our expert advice.
  • Corporate litigation: Corporate litigation such as intellectual property disputes is more complex and involves higher-stakes.
  • International business transactionsIn case of purchase, sale, and other dealings involving business entity with the non-US citizen, our team can help you at each step.
  • International trade: Team of our attorneys are well versed with global trade practices, and understand the nuances of import-export inquiries, sanctions, restrictions, sanctions, and more to help your business grow.
  • Tax law: Our team will help you understand business taxes to make things easier for you.
  • Tax strategies: Our experts will help you minimize your tax obligations with a proper tax strategy and plan.

Our team is equipped to handle matters about negotiations, arbitration, mediation, and trial. We ensure that the facts of the face are presented well to provide the best results for our clients. Our services are tailored to meet your particular needs. Our lawyers offer the clients a level of perspective, stability, and experience that is unmatched.

If the case of a business dispute, it is recommended to consult an attorney at the earliest. Our team is trained to identify the problem areas and offer practical alternate solutions. We are committed to not only serve your business needs but also look forward to providing you cost-effective ways to achieve business goals. Contact our office (Hyperlink to the contact US page) if you would like to speak with one of our lawyers.

Our team is experienced to handle contract disputes which include the following:

  • Breach of contract
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Franchise law
  • Commercial litigation
  • Employment law
  • Covenants not to compete

In the case of mistreatment in business or commercial transaction never give up hope. Remember that there are a few types of contracts, including the real estate transactions, must be in writing to be enforceable. Even in the case of an oral agreement, our team can help you resolve the issues, recover the money, and prevent losses. By discussing your situation with one of our experienced Texas attorneys, find out the viable options that help you achieve the business goals. We aim to help the clients avoid legal expenses and disruption of litigation by offering unmatched legal services.

If you have any business and corporate issues, we can help. Call today to schedule your first free, no obligation appointment.


Shahbaz Khan
     Very dedicated guys... they didnt even asked me for fee until my work was done.. i was quite nervous regarding my immigration case. They even helped my friends amd family in chicago and Louisiana
Shahbaz Khan
Chaudhry Muzaffar
     I had a pleasure to meet with Attorney Robert Jones Mr Abdul Hadi Murshid have done some important immigrantion work regarding my child custody n my friend have use them for there bankruptcy’s matters very professional n down to earth folks I highly recommend my friends n family to use them for any of there legal or immigration cases I wish them Good Luck n my blessings
Chaudhry Muzaffar
Abeer Aslam
     I worked with Murshid on my case. He was thorough with the paperwork, prompt with his responses and was confident about my case. Rightfully so, my case got approved in two days! Thanks for all the hard work.
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