Insurance Claim

Insurance companies are liable to conduct a reasonable investigation of the claims and settle the claims that are owed. At times, the insurance company commits bad faith and fails to reasonably investigate a claim or deny or delay the normal operating practices. The insurance companies make promises in their advertising slogans to the business but later take steps to minimize the payouts.

Insurers are the companies that charge you a lump sum of money under a particular policy, with specified terms and conditions. This money can then be redeemed in the event of an unfortunate circumstance as stated in the policy, with the inclusive benefits as per the policy. However, this insurance is often, not as easy to claim, as it may seem while investing in it. Insurance companies ascertain that they apply a good number of terms and conditions to the insurance claim policy. Words are twisted and efficient legal jargon is employed to frame these policies. Therefore, in an unfortunate situation of yours, it might be slightly difficult for you to squeeze out, your very own hard earned money from these firms.

Disputes may arise based on policy limits, physical damage or loss, replacement costs, cost of repair damages, application of exclusions or business interruption. As an insurance claim attorney Dallas, our aim is to guide you through each of these disputes. Not only do we offer services concerning Commercial Property Insurance Claims but also all other kinds of insurances, namely, auto insurance, health insurance etc. If you have insured yourself against a natural calamity, an accident, a health issue or any relevant mishap then you deserve the claim by all means when this unpleasant situation befalls.

We, at Law Offices of D Robert Jones PLLC in Dallas, Texas ensure that you reap all the benefits that are covered under the policy without a doubt. Since we work on a contingency basis, our expert team of Insurance claim lawyers puts its best foot forward in researching, tackling and claiming the money for you- failing to do so is at no cost to you. We do all the cases on contingency basis which means that if no claim is recovered, the client need not pay us even a single penny. To book your first free appointment, call us today.

Our team of experts will investigate whether the insurance company reasonably handles your claim and also determine the best way to fight the negative tactics of the insurance companies. Our investigation includes:

  • Review the insurance policy and coverage provided
  • Review the payments made by the insurance company
  • Review the documents related to the loss
  • Perform an independent analysis by the attorney
  • Engage the consultants and experts whenever needed
  • Analyse the best way to prove the claim in a cost-effective and timely manner
  • Analyse how to challenge the insurance carrier unreasonable position
  • Investigate the incident similar to yours to look whether the insurer has the history of underpaying or denying the claim like yours.

Fighting with insurance companies to settle your claim might be a tedious process and we can certainly help you to recover your losses in the most efficient manner. Call us today to schedule your first free consultation.


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