Family Law

If your family is in crisis and needs legal help, our team of experts provides compassionate and robust representation in all the areas of family law. Our team aims to help you find out the solution to your legal problems as soon as possible so that you can move forward in your life. Divorce and other family law issues have a substantial financial impact on the lives of the families. Therefore, our team takes necessary actions to protect the clients from being burdened with monetary responsibilities that might be difficult to honor in the future.

Emphasizing compassionate, comprehensive, and cutting-edge services, our family law attorneys offer expertise in professional trial advocacy, negotiation, prenuptial, mediation, child custody, property division, and spousal maintenance. 

Our focused practice, combined with experience in all aspects of family law, ensures that we provide the best services to our clients. Our family law lawyers are committed to offering the following to our clients:

  • Personalized attention
  • State explanations of all the available options
  • Prompt response to the individual inquiries and needs
  • Creative solutions to complex problems
  • Comprehensive legal solutions

Our team of attorneys will help you navigate through stressful situations to ensure minimal stress and strain on the families. We understand that in certain conditions, collaborative law and mediation works best to resolve the issues to everyone’s advantage.

We aim to advise you in ways that will clarify all your queries and misconceptions regarding the criticalities and intricacies of Family Law. Our Family Law Attorneys are trained at tackling sensitive situations with finesse to provide you with the comfort to open up and share your issues with ease. What we deliver as a family of family law attorneys is trust. Client and attorney relationship is built on the sturdy ground of trust that enables this team to emerge victorious. Call Law office of D Robert Jones to schedule your first free private consultation.


Shahbaz Khan
     Very dedicated guys... they didnt even asked me for fee until my work was done.. i was quite nervous regarding my immigration case. They even helped my friends amd family in chicago and Louisiana
Shahbaz Khan
Chaudhry Muzaffar
     I had a pleasure to meet with Attorney Robert Jones Mr Abdul Hadi Murshid have done some important immigrantion work regarding my child custody n my friend have use them for there bankruptcy’s matters very professional n down to earth folks I highly recommend my friends n family to use them for any of there legal or immigration cases I wish them Good Luck n my blessings
Chaudhry Muzaffar
Abeer Aslam
     I worked with Murshid on my case. He was thorough with the paperwork, prompt with his responses and was confident about my case. Rightfully so, my case got approved in two days! Thanks for all the hard work.
Abeer Aslam


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