Deportation Defense

If you or your family has been served with a deportation notice, you may feel helpless or scared. Deportation can disrupt the lives of the immigrants, and our team aims to provide you the support and counsel needed at this time.

What is Deportation? 

The government might detain an immigrant if they consider him or her to be a “flight risk” or a safety threat. Once an individual is held, they are likely to be moved to a detention facility. A deportation officer is assigned who can allow a release from the facility for voluntary departure. Generally, this release takes some time, so you might be able to request a bond hearing for the release of the detained individual.

Some of the reasons because of which an individual can be detained are:

  • Violating the current immigration laws
  • Committed a crime
  • Have a pending order of deportation on their record
  • No visa when arriving at the border
  • Miss the immigration hearings
  • Committing marriage fraud to get entry into the US
  • Deemed as an “inadmissible alien” because of reasons like criminal records in their native country

Our attorneys will ensure that at your bond hearing, the Immigration Court determines whether you will be deported or not. Our team can ensure that they can navigate the legal proceedings and prepare for an aggressive defense.

Deportation Enforcement 

When a person is caught in the USA illegally, or he lose his legal status, that person can be deported using the removal proceedings. This process is conducted by Homeland Securities through ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). But ICE must follow a strict legal deportation process. There are two types of removal proceedings:

  1. Expedited Deportation : If an individual is arrested within 100 miles from the border and has been in the US for less than two weeks, ICE can choose a faster process that takes less than 14 days.
  2. Deportation: A general deportation involves a series of hearings that go on for months. An individual receives a written Notice to Appear, and the individual and the deportation lawyer need to attend all these hearings. 

To have an experienced deportation defense attorney by your side is critical if you want to remain in the United States. The team at Law Offices of D Robert Jones PLLC in Dallas, Texas, has helped immigrants under deportation proceedings.

Get in touch with our deportation defense lawyers for an initial evaluation of the case so that we can review your options and start working on the plan. Our deportation defense practices include advice and representation in the following areas:

  • Court representation
  • Bond hearings
  • Immigration appeals
  • Petition for review

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It is not all; the team will also prepare you for the interview and guide you throughout the process. We will also resolve any complications if any arise during the process.

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