Family Law

Family Law

Dealing with legal wars within the family is tremendously overwhelming. Such a case demands striking firmly but delicately in order to guard the sentiments of all those involved. A Dallas family law attorney proves to be quintessential at such a time. Be it adoption, child custody, child support, paternity issues, guardianship, pre and post marital agreements, domestic violence, divorce, alimony or estate planning – we have a team of highly skilled experts that will look into your case with great detail and intensive research, to come up with a customized solution that fits aptly. With the complete understanding of your specific personal situation against the backdrop of your family’s financial and legal engagements, DRJ Family Law Attorney will equip you with arms of justice. Our effective plan allows you to protect your family’s interests in the hour of crisis.

We aim to advise you in ways that will clarify all your queries and misconceptions regarding the criticalities and intricacies of Family Law. Our Family Law Attorneys are trained at tackling sensitive situations with finesse to provide you with the comfort to open up and share your issues with ease. What we deliver as a family of family law attorneys is trust. Client and attorney relationship is built on the sturdy ground of trust that enables this team to emerge victorious. Call Law office of D Robert Jones to schedule your first free private consultation.

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