Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is an umbrella of law that covers multiple kinds of disputes which certainly require extensive and in-depth knowledge of the field, in order to win-over your case. You being the plaintiff or the defendant, your rights must be protected and losses compensated. All this can be achieved smoothly with an experienced skill set and committed early action. Upon involving DRJ Law firm Civil Litigation attorneys in your case, you will receive guidance from root to tips.

Not only will your rights be elaborated to you, our attorney will ascertain that you follow the state and local laws to manoeuvre and win your case. Keeping the present conditions and laws in mind, an experienced Civil Litigation Attorney devices a solid plan to successfully settle the case outside of court. But if at all, any particular scenario demands a jury, then we at DRJ Law firm do not step back in watching over and fighting for your rights, in the court of law. When dealing with the troublesome hassle of a civil litigation, allow attorneys to step in and take charge - these are individuals who are your dedicated representatives of justice. Some of the issues that fall under civil litigation range from business disputes, landlord rights, intellectual property rights, employment rights, copyrights, small claim litigation etc.

We have established a solid reputation and assist our clients with:

  • A relevant advice to those contemplating litigation.
  • Drafting the Letters of Claim and Letters of Response.
  • Engaging in pre-action negotiations in an attempt to seek resolution before litigation.
  • Arranging the properly formulated pleadings and preparing evidence in its support.
  • Consider whether there is scope for mediation or any other form of alternative dispute resolution.
  • Providing them advice on whether it is appropriate to make a ‘without prejudice’ offer and, if so, the timing and compensation of the offer.

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