Asylum is a kind of legal protection provided to the people who have left their own country in search of safety and protection. Every year many people come to the United States seeking security. These are the people who have left their own country because they fear they might be harmed based on their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.

Who is eligible to apply for Asylum in US?

To become eligible to apply for Asylum in US, there are some strict requirements which have to be met by the protection seeker.

  • The Asylum seeker must be present in US. If not, he must arrive soon in the United States.
  • He has been or is at the verge of becoming a persecution victim.
  • The persecution can happen to him strictly based on any of the below grounds:
    • Political views
    • Religion
    • Caste
    • Nationality
    • Membership in a particular group
  • In some cases, persecution can happen even on gender biasness.

Denying of Asylum Request

There is a plethora of reasons for an Asylum application to be denied. One of the reasons can be that Asylum application was not filled within one year of arrival in the United States. Another reason for the application to be denied can be associated to the previous rejection of the same request, i.e. you have been previously denied asylum. Moreover, if there is a possibility of you to be relocated to a different country that has been deemed safe, then asylum will not be granted.

U.S. Asylum Attorney Assistance

No legal process is easy and when you are non-native of a place, it is even together. To ensure that your Asylum application is strongly made, you must have the support of a strong immigration firm. DRJ legal firm holds immense experience in dealing with such cases. We hold the expertise to guide you through the process to help you understand the entire situation and the right possibilities to tackle them.

We understand that facing the denial of the application could be really devastating. Thus to not let our clients face such circumstances, we work hard to provide our clients with the highest level of immigration services available. We take care of all the paperwork to reduce the risk of denial. In addition to helping our clients obtain a legal immigration status, we also help them in getting Employment Authorization, so that they can earn themselves a better living. We keep our client well informed about the status of the application and leave no stone unturned to achieve the success for them.

If you have been wronged on your home soil and fear for your life, Contact DRJ legal services today and pave the right way towards your Asylum Immigration request acceptance.

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