Advance Parole

Advance Parole/Reentry Permit

Being a non-US Citizen, it can be rather risky to travel abroad due to reasons, whatsoever, since it may lead to re-entry issues. With a pending status application approval for immigrants applying for citizenship owing to their current status of H1B, L, V non-immigrant visa, K3, K4 etc, it is best to avoid travel abroad. However, due to unforeseen or emergent circumstances, if you must travel, then it is essential to apply for an Advance Parole/ Re-entry permit and quite useful to do so with the help of an immigrations attorney. This is an individual who is aware of and qualified in understanding the workings of the immigration laws of the States. Applying for an I-131 through an immigration attorney from DRJ Law firm, not only gives you an edge over the other applicants in terms of understanding the process but also in performing every task within an immigrant’s legal boundaries in obtaining a re-entry permit as quickly as possible. There should be absolutely no doubt or hesitation in approaching DRJ Law firm for assistance on customs, immigrations and permit applications. We assure to provide you with excellence, reliability and great leverage in what could seem like a nerve wrecking situation. In best faith of immigrants, a critical advice to follow would be to travel only after obtaining a permit from advance parole and not prior to application or even during processing. This could lead to further chaos and interrogation. An attorney by your side, assures a hassle free-experience.

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