Adjustment of Status

Adjustment of Status

Adjustment of status is one of the first steps towards accomplishing a permanent U.S resident tag. A person is eligible to apply for adjustment of status if he or she has someone as immediate relative who is a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident. Moreover, if the applicant has gained employment based visa and has an approved I- 140 petition, then also the candidate is eligible to request for adjustment of status.

Below is the list of forms included in the Adjustment of status:

  • I 130: This form allows the relative of permanent resident of U.S. to apply for immigrating to US.
  • I130 A: This form is used to collect additional information for spouse beneficiary of Form 130.
  • I 485: This form is to apply for lawful permanent resident status being in United States.
  • I 131: This form is used for a Re-entry Permit, Refugee Travel Document or Advance Parole.
  • I 765: This form is used for temporary foreign workers who seek to legally work in U.S.
  • I 864: Signing this form allows the permanent citizen to sponsor the immigrant to help him become a lawful permanent resident.
  • I 864A: This form is used for keeping the note of income of each member of the family which is going to be the sponsor support of the immigrant.

Getting sponsorship is a must for the applicant and beneficiary. Sponsorship means, the applicant should be able to financially support his relative (beneficiary). In case, if the candidate is applying for it after receiving employment visa, there are additional requirements to be fulfilled. The applicant has to get a labor certificate too. Asylum Seekers and other certain special classes of immigrants can also request for adjustment of status.

To request for adjustment of status, you (the applicant) may/may not have to revisit the home country and come back after the request is accepted (depending on the case) and green card is issued. One can file the petition being in U.S. itself. However, to perform the entire activity, there is a need of an experienced immigration attorney who can take the responsibility of complying with the immigration law on his shoulders and handles the case and settle queries calmly and effectively.

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